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How can we help you?


Our Practice Areas

Personal Coaching

Transitions in your life, ministry, and relationships can use extra support to help you keep focused. We come alongside leaders to help you experience transformation and fulfill your destiny.

Prophetic Service

We provide training, consultation, and development for prophets, prophetic people, and pastors. Workshops and seminars are available for your unique purpose and we support the growth and work of prophets assigned to local congregations, regions, and/or national/international venues.

Leadership Team Coaching

 You will find valuable insight that will move leaders onto God's Agenda. The Leader's Personal Life, Role Preparation, Character Development, Leadership Challenges, Church Spiritual Growth, and Development deserve processing that will build a team God will use. 

The School of the Prophets

We are helping God's servants obtain deeper levels of Accuracy Through Intimacy with God. Subjects discussed will help Prophets and Apostles prepare for the next phase of Kingdom work and service in all spheres of influence.

Spiritual Leadership 

Building collaborative teams that have Kingdom of God impact is vital to transformation. Workshops provide resources for spiritual gifts discovery and development. An examination of what a leader must be, know, do produces a team that works as a team-each joint supplying what is needed for the benefit of all. 

The Micaiah Company of Prophets

This is an Alliance of Prophets and Apostles who join together for enriching fellowship, accountable relationships, training, and spiritual life support. 

Pastoral Leadership 

We provide workshops for spiritual leadership training, developing a prophetic ministry team, spiritual gifts discovery and development, and building effective prayer ministry for intercessors and prayer teams. 

We serve as a training resource for founding pastors and their teams. We design training/resources around your unique leadership requirements and development needs.

Prayer Counseling

Learn how your past is affecting your present, begin to find God's healing for those hurts, and make your way towards a brilliant future. Elijah House Course 201 is your roadmap to letting go of your past and transforming your life in community with others on the same journey. 

What our clients are saying

I was getting stuck in the same patterns and  didn't realize what was happening. I needed help getting un-stuck and found this team more than capable. 

J. D.

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