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Our History

We’ve loved every minute of our journey, it's been intense...


Spring 2015

Sword & Shield Coaching was launched to provide support for those in a search of "something more".  We found that people needed a strong support team for the many transitions in life, relationships, and ministry. Transition for many was an isolating and bewildering experience. We found many were getting stuck in the same place again and again. What made the difference for some was a guide to help them navigate through trials, circumstances, disappointments, and confusion and walk alongside them-a coach. Having a Spiritual Life Coach to serve transitioners as a strong advocate helped them keep their focus, reach their potential, fulfill their destiny, and experience transformation. 

The "Wake Up" Call

Fall 2016

We were challenged by a frantic search for significance. Something was missing from the services we were providing. Our search led us to develop a Spirit-led and not a Spirit-backed approach to all aspects of our services.  Not a blend of different streams of systems, current trends, or movements. Everything we do to walk alongside the remnant must be as a direct result of prophetic intercession regarding their destiny. We found that what has short-circuited those in pursuit of their destiny was the status quo. The only thing more dangerous than the status quo was disappointment & despair. Evil twins sent as a well-meaning and attentive friend who lulled transitioners to sleep. These slumbering spirits were being dragged along by wooden principles and business as usual. These Evil twins with ill-timed comfort served their destiny malaise. Instead of warm milk what is needed is a THUNDERBOLT, a  "Wake Up Call!"

Arise, shine, for your Light has come, and the glory of 

The LORD rises upon you.  Isaiah 60:1  

                                                                                      There is more...

Back to the Basics

Fall 2017

This would mean that a Spirit-led approach to helping leaders, teams, and Churches would require a closer look at a deliberate and intentional way out of destiny malaise. What is needed is a paracleting process that supported transitioners through the rough and tumble path into the next phase, unstuck. Employing prayerfully designed support services that are unique to your purpose will help you finish well. We have been gripped by a sense of urgency to provide scripturally based mentoring, prayer counseling, perfecting training, consultation, and coaching for those in transition.  

Come on, let's go!

Fall 2018

We are in operating in a theater with sophisticated adversaries ordered to derail our destinies. So, it is time for a new approach that is designed by God in the way He is leading in this season.  Let's find out if the strength of Another is upon you or are you stuck in the status quo? The Spirit of The Lord is upon us to walk alongside the remnant and equip them for what is happening next.  We are excited about helping you find out what is next for you and how to get ready. The Author and Finisher of our faith have written a larger story about you, let's see what He has written about you and join Him in walking it out. 

Your Coach

Phyllis Crum

Lead Coach

Is an ordained minister,       certified transformational

    life-coach, mentor, and    


    She serves the Body of 

    Christ by developing church     leaders, leadership teams,  

    and ministry couples. 

    She is a prophet, teacher,  

    and intercessor with a 

    passion to build the 

    Kingdom of God wherever 

    she is sent.

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