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Spiritual Leadership School

These Workshops can help equip you for ministry no matter where you serve


The Prophetic Generation Workshop & 

Prophecy 101

We will examine the role and service of the prophet, have interactive discussions, informative studies, personal examination, and prayer to help the prophet serve their local Church and Market Place ministry.

Topics will range from rightly dividing and aptly applying the continuous stream of information, developing discernment, prophetic intercession, spiritual warfare, kingdom building, and assisting leaders in equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. Leaders will learn about safe boundaries, voluntary submission and accountability, and prophetic service that helps the Body of Christ grow wherever they are planted. 

WHO: Pastors, Prophets, those who minister in the Prophetic Worship Arts, Intercessors, those gifted in: Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, or Discernment (Ephesians 4, 1 Corinthians 12, 1 Peter 4, Romans 12), and Anyone interested in the prophetic.

WHY: To Build up the Body of Christ 

Cost: $35


Prophetic Ministry in Your Church: 

What Every Leader Needs to Know

Ministry leaders will find helpful guidance if they are considering the need for a prophetic ministry in their Church, House Church, or organization, restoring the pastor/prophet relationship, establishing accountability, building teams, proper protocols, assessing performance, personal spiritual development, defining the range of authority, ministry operations, and more.

WHO: Apostles, Pastors, Co-Pastors, and Associates, Ministry Leaders, House Church Leaders, and Ministers

WHY: To explore who prophets are and what they do; helps leaders to work together to discern the times and reach this generation.

Cost: $35


Spiritual Leadership

What a Leader Must Be, Know, Do

Spiritual Leadership Development is the focus of this workshop. 

You will find valuable insight that will move leaders on to God's Agenda in topics ranging from The Leader's Personal Life, Role, Preparation, and Character development to Leadership Challenges, Church Growth, and Discipleship

WHO: Anyone interested in Spiritual Leadership in Church, House Church, and Marketplace

WHY: To build up the Body of Christ for the work of the ministry

COST: $35

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