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Sword & Shield Coaching - BECAUSE WHO YOU ARE MATTERS!
Consider Coaching if you are ready to grow...

 It is God's Plan to prepare you.
A Spiritual Life Coach can be your strongest advocate, help you reach your potential, fulfill your destiny, and experience transformation.
 If you are cutting a path through transitions in your life, ministry, or relationships skilled help can be the extra support you need to keep you focused. 

Cutting edge transformational coaching is available for:

          Individuals: Life, Relationships, Work, and Ministry

Teams: Spiritual Leadership in the Church and Marketplace

Groups: Spiritual Leadership, Spiritual Gifts Discovery & Development

Workshops are available for you, your Church, or your group

  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Prophetic Service and Development for Individuals,                     Ministry Teams, and Groups
  • Spiritual Gifts Discovery and Development
Schedule a complimentary "taste and see" session today to experience how a Coach can serve you!