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The Left Handed Prophet

The Left Handed Prophet

There are several left handed people in my family that I know of.  Never gave it a thought until I married a left handed man.  It makes a difference when we eat side by side, bumping elbows!  It makes a difference which side of the bed because? That one I’m still trying to figure out!  Every now and then there comes a rare moment when he would ask me which way to turn when we are driving.  “Okay, Honey, make a left at the light.”  He clicks on the right signal. “Why are you doing that, Darryl?” “You told me to turn right.” Somebody tell me… why is he turning left? He quickly recognizes the error and makes the adjustment. That kind of thing happens too often, I think.  When I shared this scenario with my sister, who is left handed, she says, “I do that all the time.  It’s because I’m left handed.”  I am floored! Is this true or is she just pulling my right hand? 

God designed us the way He would get the glory out of our lives. Praise Him for that! When we attempt to be different from His design, the anointing that He gave us will not have the effect or the impact it should. The word that we are to speak will not have the right sound. Why? Because we try to be like everybody else just to fit in and to be liked.  A square peg was not designed to fit into a round; forcing it causes an excruciating, and unusual amount of pain you would not believe! Pain such as consequences of giving a wrong or altered word, or showing up in a place you were not to be, therefore, throwing off the whole atmosphere.  It can be deadly, let alone embarrassing for the Kingdom.  Did God tell you to be round?  No, you left-handed square Prophet!  He called you to be different.  Square, because of the edges.  Sometimes they are sharp, other times slightly smooth but, still a square.  He needs you to be able to speak to and from the four corners without compromise. 

There are situations when your hearing is befuddled because of trying to be with and be where you do not fit.  Prophet, let me remind you of Psalm 139:14 (God’s Word Translation & King James) I will give thanks to You because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made. Marvelous are Thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well.

Father,                                                                                                                                                         Thank You for showing us who we are in you, and forgive us for trying to be who we are not.


Carol Blackwell is Founder of Down to Earth Writing and ministers with her husband, Pastor Darryl Blackwell.   

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